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Current Campaign and Character Profiles
FASA Based Star Trek
MERP Outlaw Gaming in the wild wild west using my modified version of the MERP system

Game Sites

MERP dot com The premiere MERP/Tolkien Gaming website
Tactical Starship Combat The home page of the FASA Star Trek Universe Yahoo Group
Star Trek Gaming Links Former Xon links page
Star Trek Gaming forums and E Mail Lists Former Xon forum links page


Web Server How To
HTML Cheat Sheet
HTML Tutorial
HTML Color Codes
Frames Guide

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Yahoo Groups Main Page

General RPG

My group for out of print RPGs
Triumph of Hope Western Sci-Fi PBeM
Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
A group dedicated to the Fighting Fantasy game books published by Puffin


Inactive since 2001.
Replaced by the email list at www.merp.com
Middle earth Fan Modules

FASA Star Trek

FASA Star Trek Universe
The Gaurdian of Forever
Morena Shipyards
Star Trek Technology
Star Trek Battlefield
Salazaar Shipyards
Phoenix RPG
Fleet Surplus Depot Zed 15
FASA Trek Net
Anth Fleet Yards
Mustaka Klingon Shipyards

Groups I don't belong to, but might interest others

starship Tactical Combat Simulator PBEM
Warhammer Star Trek
Star Trek Miniatures

Non RPG Groups and Lists

RC World (Respiratory Care)
Respiratory Science Australasia
HP Jornada

Family & Geneaology


Guns, Open Carry Activism, and Preparedness

Open Carry Archive
Businesses That Allow OC by Policy
Sheriff LTCF Letters
Municipal Weapons Regulations
Emergency and Disaster Preparedness


My Zombie Survival Record and other tests


www.merp.comThe premierre site for games in Middle-earth
www.diywebserver.comDo it yourself webserver-all the information you'll ever need on running your own server over cable or DSL
www.simplemachines.orgThe best free forum software available
www.Directnic.com My registrar for years, and commercial host.
www.EveryDNS.net The best free DNS provider. I've been using them for years.
www.slightlysilly.netFASA Star Trek Tactical Combat Simulator free for PC
Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association The place to be for guns in PA
Open Carry Dot OrgThe premiere national web site for the growing open carry movement